T&T Recreational Gymnastics Program

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• Level 1 - This is the perfect place for new gymnasts, focusing on basic tumbling and trampoline skills. Our focus in Level 1 is on proper technique for faster, safer progressions.

• Level 2 - Level 2 is for gymnasts who have had prior training and/or those who have mastered basic skills. Focus will be on new skill development as well as connecting tumbling and trampoline skills.

• Level 3 - Ready to flip! This class is for gymnasts who have mastered both Levels 1 & 2 and are ready to start learning front flips on trampoline as well as back handsprings.

• T&T Advanced - After mastering Levels 1-3 gymnasts may progress to the Developmental Team or T&T Advanced class. The T&T Advanced class is open to gymnasts who have achieved all required basic tumbling skills and are working on back flips, multiple back handsprings and advanced trampoline and tumbling skills.
Recreational classes are divided into 4 groups. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and T&T Advanced. Levels 1-3 follow the USAG Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling routines, incorporating skills appropriate for your student's level.

Each one hour class will be comprised of a warm up, basic tumbling skills, basic trampoline skills, flexibility and strength & conditioning.

• T&T Homeschool  - Designed for students ages 5 and up this morning class is a perfect fit for homeschool families.  Coaching will be tailored for All Levels.

 Tiny Tumblers
is the perfect fit for all blooming gymnasts. This class emphasizes coordination, motor skills, balance, flexibility, and basic gymnastics technique.
Students age 3-4 will benefit from the combination of fun and education in our Tiny Tumblers program.

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